25 HP Duplex Industrial Air Compressor


Saves Power - Provides Back-Up - Easy Installation & Service

Saylor Beall dual units use two basic compressors & two motor assemblies. Utilizing the proper magnetic starters & alternator control provides alternating single operation or dual unit operation.

Standard Duplex Package

Comes complete with two

compressors, two electric motors, tank and UL-listed

alternator control panel mounted and wired.

Performance Package

Two air-cooled aftercoolers, two low oil controls,

automatic tank drain and vibration isolator pads.


Control Panel

UL listing assists in acceptance by local codes and regulations.

Panel provides single control source for duplex compressors.

  • Self contained controls include 2 magnetic starters, compressor alternator, on/off switches, and run lights.
  • Power connects to single enclosure.
  • Easy operation via toggle switches & run lights.
  • Alternation features provides even run time of compressor pumps.
  • Automatically starts two compressors when one unit does not keep up with demand.
  • Start/stop operation reduces power usage.
  • Isolation feature allows user to manually turn one compressor off.

Can be purchased separately and installed on existing compressor installations. Contact for more details.

Standard Equipment

Electric Motors 

Nationally known brands, dual voltage, open drip-proof type. Includes multiple belts & V-Drive Sheaves. 1800 RPM

Air Tanks

ASME, National Board Code Approved, 200 psi working pressure. All units have tank drains & service valves.

Compressor Pump

Includes centrifugal unloader, oil sight gauge, flywheel with V-grooves and intake filter/silencer


Start-Stop Controls

Pressure switch set at 145-175 psi

Air Gauge

0-300 psi range

Safety Valves

ASME approved

All UnitsAre painted & are shipped with oil in the crankcase; all units are tested & inspected at the factory before shipment

Alternator Control Panel with magnetic starters

Saylor Beal


Saylor-Beall has built cast iron, reciprocating air

compressors since 1915. All products are made to

provide many years of efficient, trouble free service.

This commitment to quality reduces the overall cost of

owning and operating a Saylor-Beall air compressor.


Quality and durability begin with design. Saylor-Beall

products use materials selected for outstanding

strength and heat resistant characteristics.  Our

pumps are manufactured to exact dimensions with

precise tolerances which result in a highly efficient air

compressor design.


Computer controlled, state-of-the-art equipment

performs machining operations with extreme accuracy. 

In addition, our quality control procedures continuously

monitor the machining process.


Saylor-Beall air compressors are assembled by skilled

personnel who are dedicated to the precision

workmanship that our customers have come to expect. 

After final assembly, every compressor is tested to

ensure that it meets our rigid standards of product



We take great pride in manufacturing an American made

product. Our entire Saylor-Beall staff is committed to

providing customers with the best air compressors



Technical Data

Motor HP ASME Tank Size Splash Lubricated Model Pressure Lubricated Model Pump RPM CFM Displaced @175 psi CFM Delivered @175 psi Shipping Weight (lbs)
25 240
X-PL-92524 710 218 179.2 3574

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