Compacta S12 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

by RoboPac

The Compacta S series offers high quality construction. The control panel has been redesigned, incorporated into a touch screen. Thanks to the large color screen, this new panel allows you to create programs quickly and easily. You can store up to eight different programs.

The automatic highly reliable dual rod clamping and cutting system fully automates the wrapping process. The roll carriage has a direct breaking transmission roller and is adjustable at any time. It also simplifies loading and film insertion. The roll carriage is also equipped with locking and quick release.

Technical Data

Belt Driven Rotation YES
Max. Rotation Speed (RPM) 58
Load Capacity
Minimum Workable Dimensions 6" x 6"
Machine Structure
Powered Conveyors for Infeed & Outfeed YES
Manually Adjustable Conveyor Height YES
Variable Conveyor Speed (ft/min) 9.85 - 42.5
Infeed & Outfeed Product Photocell Sensors YES
Pneumatic Pressure Units for Infeed & Outfeed YES
Film Delivery System
Pneumatic Cold Cutting & Clamping Unit YES
Pre-Stretch Friction Roll
Constant Film Tensioning Optional
Core Diameter 3"
Operator Interface
Control Panel Icon Driven Color Touchscreen
Utility Requirements
Working Pressure 90 PSI
Power Supply Voltage 230 V 3 phase
Safety Features
Emergency-Stop Push Button YES
CE Compliant YES
Safety Guard Door & Switch YES



Auto Film Clamp
Highly reliable, dual rod cutting system fully automates the wrapping process.
Auto Film-Cutting Device
Automatically cuts film at end of wrap cycle, saving operator an estimated 30 seconds per load.
Pneumatic Top Platens
Infeed and outfeed units automatically adjust to ensure proper stabilization of the product. The length of the run can be adjusted manually, if needed, to compensate for products of varying height.
R-Connect® Ready
Able to install R-Connect® remote monitoring software immediately.
Available Options
Extended Warranty
Manual or Automated Operation
Manual Top Pressure Unit Infeed & Outfeed
Automatic Top Pressure UnitInfeed and Outfeed



Automatic Cycle Start
Built for Rugged Operations
Conveyor Infeed & Outfeed
Doesn't Cause Product Damage
Field Proven Technology
Ideal for Processing Aluminum & Plastic Extrusions
Ideal for Processing PVC Pipe
Ideal for Processing Textiles & Carpets
Ideal for Processing Wood Moldings