Acmos 103-30 Glue Release Agent for PUR Adhesives

by Acmos

ACMOS 103-30

Is a silicone-free release agent that is a proactive solution designed to counter PUR adhesives in various applications including glued wood construction, engineered wood production, membrane pressing, and finger jointing. It effectively combats resorcin resin glues, urea resin glues, and PUR adhesives. It can be applied to all machinery surfaces that come into contact with glue which includes fences, guiding plates, conveyor belts, and press sections.

ACMOS 103-30 Features:

  • Silicone-free formula ensures no greasy residue affecting post-treatment
  • Safeguards machinery and surfaces exposed to glue contact
  • Excellent separating effect; glue residues can easily be scraped off
  • Provides shorter cleaning times, longer service life of the conveyor belts
  • Consistent application eliminates the necessity for abrasive cleaning techniques
  • Comes in liquid and paste forms


*Due to the Hazardous Material classification of this product, an additional hazmat shipping fee will be applied for transport*

Application: Spray | Manual | Brush | Cloth - Apply a thin layer onto clean surfaces requiring protection. Any remaining glue residues can be easily scraped off using a wooden spatula. Reapply the release agent as needed.

Recommended Uses: Finger jointing, pressed, clamps, membrane presses, conveyor belts, other tooling and machine surfaces and components that interact with resorcin resin glues, urea resin glues, and PUR adhesives.

Classified as Hazardous/Hazmat for DOT Shipping

Available Container Amounts:

Kg: 5 | 20 | (2-pack) 40

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