Acmos 71-100TS Release Agent for Paint Spray Booths

by Acmos

ACMOS 71-100TS

A silicone-free release agent specifically formulated for paint spray booths and splashboards. It efficiently removes accumulated dirt and overspray from booth surfaces, streamlining the production process and reducing cleaning-related downtime.

ACMOS 71-100TS Features:

  • The effective release effect allow for effortless removal of paint and varnish residues, even those that have built up over an extended period
  • Once applied, it allows for immediate operation, offering consistent performance and remaining in place on the treated areas
  • Strong adhesion, even on vertical surfaces; it maintains stability without running, even at elevated temperatures
  • Easy cleanup - residues can be removed with a scraper or peeled off effortlessly


Application: Spray | Brush. Apply the product onto the surfaces requiring protection. Once applied, operations can commence immediately, as it adheres well and remains in place without running, even on vertical surfaces. Cleanup is easy, with residues easily removed by scraping or peeling.

Recommended Uses: Paint spray booths, splashboards, or any sealed surfaces of equipment/machines (areas with direct contact to the wood cannot be coated).

NON-Hazardous/Hazmat for DOT Shipping

Available Container Amounts:

Kg: 5 | 20 | (2-pack) 40

ACMOS Partnered OEMS Adhesive Companies Brands Logos, SCM, Weinig, Holzher, Jowat, Henkel, H.B. Fuller, Kleiberit

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