RazorGage Android ST Tablet Controller



Large 7.1 inch touch screen user interface makes operator input fast, easy and intuitive. For example, to make a 25-15/16 inch part: Press 2 – 5 – 15/16 and the positioner moves to that dimension immediately–Only three buttons!

No need to memorize decimal equivalents and it takes only 3 key touches to get there vs. 7 or more buttons on competing products.

The Android ST Tablet controller version positioner is built using all of the same CNC quality mechanical features used in our ST configuration positioners without the full functionality of the RazorGage Windows application software.

Technical Data

 Accuracy ±.004” over 12 feet if calibrated with a capable measuring device.
Repeatability 0015”
Push Force 200 lb at 10 ips
Max Speed 40 ips
Power Reqd 120 VAC / 10 Amps
Interface 7” Touchscreen
Networking Wifi
Operating System Android
Max Ambient Temp 104º F


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