Chevron Multifak EP 00 Grease - 5 Gallon Pail

by Chevron
SKU MA210729900MFM333

Multifak® EP greases are multipurpose extreme pressure greases suitable for use in many industrial grease applications.

Chevron Multifak EP 00 is a certified NLGI grade 00 lithium grease that is amber in color and has a smooth texture. Multifak EP 00 has an exceptionally high load-carrying capacity and will provide optimal protection against wear – this semi-solid lubricant is work stable, resisting separation and throw out from anti-friction bearings, one of its many suitable applications. This product may be used successfully on general machine bearings, construction equipment, conveyers, and chassis.

This grease may be used as a lubricant of plain and antifriction bearings subjected to shock loading. Additionally, this product is designed to provide exceptional resistance to rust and oxidation as well as decreased performance in the presence of water.

Performance Characteristics

  • Excellent water resistance
  • Outstanding corrosion protection
  • High oxidation stability
  • Wide-ranging application


Multifak EP 00 is an exceptional EP grease that is manufactured from select base oils – these highly refined components are then mixed with a lithium 12 hydroxystearate thickener and an extreme-pressure additive for added performance. This product has an outstanding load-carrying capacity and will provide excellent protection against wear and prevention of metal-to-metal contact. Capable of being stored and employed in machinery for long periods of time, this resilient grease simplifies lubrication by providing a premium lubricant for various applications throughout manufacturing facilities.

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