Chevron Multifak EP 1 Grease in 14-Ounce Tubes - Pack of 5

by Chevron
SKU MA210720001MF1109

Multifak EP greases are suitable for use in typical centralized lubrication systems and can satisfy a wide range of industrial and commercial grease applications. They are manufactured using selected highly refined medium viscosity index base oils, a lithium 12 hydroxystearate thickener, an extreme pressure additive, and rust and oxidation inhibitors.

Multifak EP greases have high load-carrying capacity and, therefore, provide good protection of lubricated parts against wear. They provide good lubrication in the presence of water, protect bearing surfaces against corrosion, and have excellent resistance to oxidation, which supports long life in storage and in use. Multifak EP greases are recommended for both plain and antifriction bearings and particularly for bearings subjected to shock loading.

Multifak EP greases are work stable. They resist separation or throw out from antifriction bearings. They have low oil bleeding tendency under pressure and are pumpable at low temperatures.

Quantity: Pack of 5, 14oz Tubes

Multifak EP greases deliver value through:

  • Good water resistance
  • Resistance to washout of bearings.
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Inhibited to protect bearing surfaces.
  • Good oxidation stability
  • Helps to support long life in storage and in use.
  • Simplified lubrication
  • One grease designed to satisfy many different industrial grease requirements.
  • Low oil separation tendency
  • Recommended for use in typical centralized lubrication systems

Typical applications include:

• General Machinery - plain, antifriction, roller, and needle bearings

• Construction equipment

• Conveyors and run-out rolls

• Crusher, shaker, or classifier screen bearings

• Chassis lubrication

• Non-disc brake wheel bearings

Data Sheets

When choosing between greases, customers should consider the specific requirements of their equipment and the operating conditions in which it will be used. They should also consult the equipment manufacturer's recommendations and specifications to ensure that the selected grease is compatible with their equipment and will provide adequate protection and lubrication.

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