CMT 236.160.04H Fiber Cement Blade, 160mm X 4 Teeth, For TS 55 / HK 55

by Festool
  • For very long-lasting cuts, up to 60 times longer than carbide blades.
  • For portable circular saws/miter saws. Cut fiber cement & plasterboard.
  • 0.067 kerf thickness, 0.055 plate thickness, 12° hook angle, Trapezoidal Grind.
  • SinterHip High-density carbide teeth to prevent from any material failure. Longer cutting life.
  • Thin kerf allows for smoother cuts and more cutting speed. New standard for performance and value.


Hardiplank and Hardipanel are becoming a household name with the building contractor. Cutting these materials efficiently while keeping the dust a minimum has been a challenge for tooling manufacturers. The CMT blade offers smooth cuts and reduces dust while keeping a sharp edge.

CMT 236.160.04H Fiber Cement Blade, 160mm x 4 Teeth for Festool TS 55, HK 55 and HKC 55.

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