Coima Wide Leg Adapter, SHK-FLB-WLAK for SHK Series

by Coima
SKU SHK-FLB-WLAK 101-00072

Wide leg adapter kit for fork lift bin access from the (front) wide side for Coima SHK Series Dust Collectors.

The SHK Series collectors are available with several waste discharge options:

  • Hopper and waste bags
  • Haul-away forklift dump bin (wide leg adapter kit available for long-side bin removal)
  • Waste barrels with viewing windows
  • Collection hopper with rotary screw extractor and rotary air lock (leg extensions available for additional clearance below discharge)
  • Closed-loop material transfer system including rotary screw extractor, rotary air lock, material transfer fan and material transfer ductwork

Enclosure panels are available for locating SHK Series units outdoors. All SHK Series units are capable of retrofit for locating outdoors.

Additional safety equipment is available for spark detection and extinguishing, deflagration relief and containment, and abort for return air applications.

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