Delicate Edge Release Agent N-FLY

by Riepe
(a) Intermittent application to the pressure roller
• Glue residues cannot adhere to the roller
(b) Spray directly onto the surface of the edgeband
• Avoidance of marking and damage
• Protective film is protected and not removed from the edge
(c) Edge/protective foil automatically transfers the release agent to the slide shoes
• Glue residues do not adhere • Prevents marking and friction
(d) Direct application onto the DUO scraper
• No clogging of the DUO scraper
(e) Application to the tooling
• Prevents fouling of the trimmers
Areas of application:
(a) Pressure roller
(b) Edgeband/ protective foil
(c) Slide shoe
(d) DUO scraper
(e) Tooling
Containers (litre):
30 | 200 | 1000 | Aerosol
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