FB, Series Compact Enclosed Dust Collector

by Coima

The FB-Series Compact Enclosed Dust Collector are designed for efficient filtration in smaller spaces than traditional baghouse or cyclone collectors. Their compact profile makes these units suitable for use inside workshops and factory production areas. Thanks to COIMA’s advanced engineering they are reliable, quiet, and easy to use. This F-Series variant features a collection hopper for use with a briquette press.

The FB-Series dust collector is suitable for the extraction of various dusts and chips, and feature durable construction with 14 GA galvanized steel sheet panels over a 12 GA frame. The needle felt bag (FB250 & FB320) or cartridge (FB380 & FB450) filters are automatically cleaned by a programmable pulse-jet cleaning system.

The FB-Series also includes an emergency flooding system for interconnection with spark detection and extinguishment systems (ideal for NFPA compliance). The high efficiency backward inclined centrifugal fan includes noise reduction insulation, and is located inside the dust collector housing. This configuration allows for higher negative pressures as compared to similar collection systems.

The dust and chips fall from the filter media into a hopper located in the lower portion of the unit. The hopper is designed to pair with a briquette press, which compacts the waste material into dense cylindrical briquettes for easy transport or use as a biomass alternative energy source.

FB250 2650 11″ 7.5HP 40 215ft2
FB320 3650 11″ 10HP 60 320ft2
FB380 4710 14.8″ 15HP 28 1355ft2
FB450 6950 11″ 20HP 36 1745ft2


FB250 103″x46″x96″ Ø5”/ L51” Sleeve 75
FB320 142″x46″x96″ Ø5”/ L51” Sleeve 75
FB380 142″x46″x96″ Ø6”/ L47” Cartridge 80
FB450 142″x46″x96″ Ø6”/ L47” Cartridge 80
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