Festool 203159 CMS-GE Router Table

by Festool


The CMS or Compact Module System is Festool's answer to Router Tables, Table Saws, Band Saws, etc. A versatile table that is capable of handling various inserts allowing a multitude of uses and functionality never before seen in the United States. Flexibility and efficiency are key with the CMS where all components are compatible with one another. It's lightweight compact design allows for flexible use anywhere in the workshop, jobsite, etc.
When fitted with one of many various routers the CMS becomes a stable work top table that accomplishes the tasks of big, heavy and bulky wood working machinery that cost thousands. TheFestol CMS can practically be built into a complete workshop.
With the legs folded up, the CMS can be used on top of analreadyexisting work table, saving even more space.
Product Features:
  • Foldaway legs for easy transport and stability while in use
  • Foldaway legs adjustable to two different working heights
  • Minimum set up time - Save money and time 
CMS Product Details:
  • Open Frame, foldable legs
  • Work surface 585 (23") x 400 mm (16") / height of 900 mm (35")
What makes the Festool CMS Router Table so great?
  1. Three year warranty
  2. Like all Festool tools, exceptional dust extraction, arguably better than any other router table on the market
  3. All of the components are built to work together. It's not a table from one company, a router from another, a lift from another, a fence from another. You can pull it out of the box and it's ready to rout
  4. The GE model can be collapsed for use on a bench top, a work table or on the floor, with the legs unfolded you can use it on the shop or transport it to the jobsite
  5. Extreme precision out of the box, you can dial things in to 1/256"
  6. Top mounted lift, so you can adjust the bit height from the top of the table
  7. The sliding table is best in class. The miter gauge is unparalleled too and makes angled pieces a breeze.
  8. Festool service, quality, system integration
  9. Either the GE (freestanding) or VL (attaches to MFT/3) are the same height as the MFT/3 and Kapex UG extension which can be used for additional stock support.


  • Router Table
  • Router Module and Fence
  • Auxillary Dust Hood with Starting Pin
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