Festool Polisher 571000 Shinex RAP 150-14 150mm (6")

by Festool
SKU 571000

Maximum speed 1400 rpm

An all purpose polisher for the exact finish you want and need. Polishes different surfaces: paintwork, mineral materials, etc. Works on horizontal and vertical surfaces. Easily capable of working on awkward, curved surfaces where a high coverage capacity is required.

Built for dazzling performance: From 900 to 1400 rpms

Power is one thing, applying it in the right amount as it's needed is another: the conveniently positioned variable speed trigger lets you start the SHINEX gently at a low speed and then speed it up to as much as 1400 rpm, depending on the set torque level.

Festool SHINEX Rotary Polisher

The trigger can be locked to keep the speed constant. The newly developed double reduction gearing means that the SHINEX always has enough power and stamina in reserve for hours of intensive polishing work. And not just in the higher speed range, but also in the particularly demanding lower range. The heat produced by the motor is continually drawn off by an integrated heat sink. That's not just good for the bearings, but also makes itself felt under your grip: you'll notice that the gripping zones of the SHINEX stay cool over long periods of use.

Along with the ergonomic shape of the handle and the high-quality soft-grip material, that makes for pleasant and secure guiding of the tool. And to permit optimum transfer of power to the surface, the SHINEX has been positioned lower down: the minimal distance between the body and the pad allows sensitive and precise polishing, makes even hard-to-reach spots accessible and guarantees top polishing results due to a low, balanced centre of gravity.

Festool SHINEX Rotary Polisher

Easy to guide

With a much smaller distance between the body and the pad when compared with conventional two-level polishing tools, the SHINEX is easy to guide in any position. It lies securely balanced on the surface, allowing sensitive work close to the surface even in hard to- reach spots. The soft-grip material makes it pleasant and secure to hold.

Festool SHINEX Rotary Polisher

Sturdy and durable

The integrated heat sink in the front gripping zone of the SHINEX keeps the temperature there noticeably lower and a fan assists the removal of motor heat from the housing (see diagram). That means you can work for longer with greater comfort. At the same time, the double reduction gearing extends the service life of the tool. Dust and fluff sucked into the body is kept out by a filter.

Festool SHINEX Rotary Polisher

Exact power

The variable speed trigger on the SHINEX permits controlled speed increase from 900 up to the maximum rpm within each of a total of six speed levels. For polishing at constant speed, the trigger is simply locked in place.

The double reduction gearing enables polishing in a variable speed range from 900 to 1400 revolutions per minute and gives the SHINEX even better performance and resilience for long periods of use. The built-in heat sink ensures a pleasant grip temperature as well.

Festool SHINEX Rotary Polisher

Compact and ergonomic: the SHINEX weighs just 2.1 kg.

Pleasant soft-grip material and the tool's slim design make for a secure hold in any position.

Secure and fast: the spindle lock allows the backing pads to be changed easily with no tools required. The slightly lowered position of the button prevents it being pressed while polishing, and the sophisticated mechanical design provides protection for the gearing as well.

Festool SHINEX Rotary Polisher

The minimal distance from the pad to the tool body allows more sensitive control when polishing, reducing the risk of the tool tipping over. The back of the housing functions as a secure rest point, so that the polishing pad and the surface on which the tool is rested are not dirtied.

Festool SHINEX Rotary Polisher

Constantly high performance: the dust filter protects the motor from dirt and dust. Together with the temperature-dependent overload protection, it ensures longer service life.

Sturdy and durable: the abrasion-resistant PUR cable

It's a subtle effect which turns a bright coat of paint into a surface perfectly polished to a high gloss. The SHINEX plays a vital role in achieving that effect.

With its double gear reduction and variable speed range, it enables careful, precise polishing of sensitive paint-work. The SHINEX has enough power to cover large surfaces, and also demonstrates great flexibility when polishing hard-to-reach edges, curves and deep-set corrugations.

Its ergonomic, compact shape and range of gripping options allows the SHINEX to be guided securely and comfortably. It lies perfectly on the surface in any situation and with a total weight of only 2.1 kg, even long polishing jobs won't leave you exhausted.

The SHINEX is also outstanding when it comes to preparation work: e.g when changing backing pads using the spindle lock, with no tools required. Or when changing the polishing pad, by conveniently resting the SHINEX on the back of its housing.

MMC Multi Material Control electronics

“Multi Material Control” power electronics with constant adjustable speed and temperature monitor for work on all types of material.


Makes changing routing, sawing, planing, sanding, drilling and screwdriving tools easier.

StickFix STF

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Fast fixing concept for attaching polishing felt, polishing sponges or sheepskins – for greater efficiency.

Weight 4.63 lbs (2.1 kg)
Max. polishing pad dia. 6" (150 mm)
Power consumption 1 200 watt
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