Festool TSC 55 Cordless AirStream Bluetooth 5.2Ah Track Saw

by Festool

The new Festool TSC 55 Cordless Tracksaw offers all of the great features and functionality of its first-in-class TS 55 REQ corded tracksaw, but without the restraints of having a cord. Festool made no compromises when removing the cord from this tracksaw. Even when using the included dust bag, the dust collection is exceptional, allowing you to work in your clients home without making a mess. If you've already invested in the Festool system, the TSC 55 will work with all of your existing guide rails (tracks) and other tracksaw accessories.

The Festool TSC 55 Cordless Tracksaw makes perfectly straight, accurate and splinter-free cuts thanks to the included guide rail (track). The smooth plunge mechanism allows you to make plunge cuts in the middle of your material and the integrated riving knife is a nice safety feature that can help with kerf alignment if you're continuing an existing cut. Blade changes are a breeze with the Festool FastFix mechanism that locks the trigger and blade arbor. Bevels cuts can be made between -1 and 47 degrees.

Now featuring Festool's AIRSTREAM battery and charger technology, which provides cooling to reduce charging time by up to 60%. This means that battery packs are ready to use again more quickly and you can continue working without interruptions. For professionals, this means unnecessary and expensive downtime.


  • Based on the TS 55 REQ, the new TSC 55 Cordless Tracksaw offers the same high level of performance, power and precision as the corded version.
  • Uncompromising power is only achieved in combination with powerful lithium-ion batteries and the Festool EC-TEC motor. The dual battery concept offers a host of combination options for even greater flexibility — maximum power or minimum weight.
  • Work dust free with the new chip collection bag. No need for a dust extractor or vacuum.
  • The new generation of FastFix blade changes now makes your blade changes easier and quicker than ever.
  • A spring loaded guide wedge runs in front of the blade like a reverse riving knife to prevent seizing and makes it a breeze to position your saw in an existing cut or groove.
  • Splinterguards can be affixed to both sides of the blade and a viewing window allows you to watch poetry in motion... or the scribe line.
Battery Voltage 1x 15 V – 2x 18 V (36 V)
Idling Speed (2x 18 V) 2,650 – 5,200 rpm
Idling Speed (1x 18 V) 2,650 – 3,800 rpm
Saw Blade Diameter 160 mm
Cutting Depth 0 – 55 mm
Cutting Depth at 45° 0 – 43 mm
Angle Range -1° to 47°
Connection Ø d/e 27 / 36 mm 27 / 36 mm
Li-Ion Battery Capacity 4.2 Ah 5.2 Ah
Weight (with 1x 18 V / 2x 18 V Battery Pack) 4.6 kg / 5.3 kg
  • (1) Cordless track saw TSC 55
  • (2) Airstream Bluetooth Lithium Ion Batteries
  • (2) SCA 8 Airstream Chargers
  • (1) 48-tooth saw blade
  • (1) Splinterguard
  • (1) Dust collection bag
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