Lamello Divario P-18

by Lamello

With the Divario shelves or separation walls can be inserted into pre-assembled structures. Additionally, the Divario P-18 also clamps the components during insertion, creating clean tight joints. The clamping action only occurs at certain points rather than across the entire insertion length, making the components easier to insert. Due to the strong connection between the work pieces, the joint is able to carry high tensile forces. With this new fitting the user has greater flexibility in design without having to forgo stability.



Subsequent insertion

Because no part is protruding, the Divario P-18 makes it possible to insert shelves or dividing panels into already assembled furntiure.

Completely invisible joint

Because of how it is inserted, the Divario P-18 is a completely invisible joint that meets the highest quality standards.

Installed in one movement

The integrated fixing pins secure the Divario in the P-System groove so it can't slide sideways.

Easy working

The large longitudinal tolerance forgives imprecision when cutting.

P-System anchorage

Tool-free anchoring of connectors, without adhesive or screws.

  • Furniture
  • Interior design
  • Shop fitting
  • Exhibitions
  • Book shelves
  • Open room dividers
  • Wine shelves, etc.

Technical Data

72 × 25 × 9.7 mm
100.4 × 7 × 22
Shell Material
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
Installation Tolerance
Longitudinal ± 1 mm
Tensile strength
~ 600 N ≈ 60 kg


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