Lamello LK Glue Applicator

by Lamello
SKU 502003

Glue Applicators

The Lamello glueing-system combines ease of use and efficient glue application with minimal cleaning requirements.

The stainless steel pressure tank holds either 3, 5 or 10 kg of glue at a pressure of approximately 5 bars, or 72 p.s.i.. To start the glue application, you simply connect the desired nozzle to the glue pistol via the bayonet coupling. When finished, the nozzle can be flushed out in a shop sink and the front of the glue gun wiped clean. The LK glue applicators can be stored for weeks with the pressurized PVA glue in the system.


Glue applicators for water-soluble PVA glues with perfect dosage of the required glue quantity at the correct location

System comprises a pressure tank, hose and pistol, which is under constant pressure and always ready for use

Rapidly attachable nozzles with bayonet coupling for many applications

Always ready-to-use

Stainless steel pressure tank guarantees long service life

Minimal cleaning required; only pistol head and nozzles

Only a single pump is required to expel the entire volume of glue


Fast glue application for biscuit or dowel connections
Fast glue application to surfaces, edges, grooves or ridges

Apply glue quickly and evenly

Apply glue efficiently using the right nozzle, and save time – whatever the size of the workpiece.

Easy expansion

If a distributor is attached to the LK, additional glue guns can be added to the same glue applicator.

Nozzle change in seconds

The bayonet coupling enables rapid nozzle changes.

LK 3 Glue applicator

4M Hose

Glue Gun LK 0

Pointed Nozzle

LK 5 Glue applicator

4M Hose

Glue Gun LK 0

Pointed Nozzle

LK 10 Glue applicator

4M Hose

Glue Gun LK 0

Pointed Nozzle

With 2 Hose Connections

 Model Size Pressure Capacity
LK 3
210 x 220 mm
  1 - 5 bar (max 72 p.s.i)
3 kg (1 Gallon)
LK 5
210 x 340 mm
  1 - 5 bar (max 72 p.s.i)
5 kg (1.5 Gallon)
LK 10
285 x 410 mm
  1 - 5 bar (max 72 p.s.i)
10 kg (3 Gallon)
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