Robopac Orbit R

by Robopac


Budgetary Pricing Starting at: $30,095.00 - $66,295.00


Our Orbit R horizontal stretch wrapper line provides high-speed and high-performance and can be added to existing work cells or integrated lines. 

The Orbit R is a rotating ring machine for spiral wrapping elongated products. The machine is equipped with electro- welded mesh safety guards to protect the operator during operation.

Infeed and outfeed units automatically adjust to ensure proper stabilization of the product. The length of the run can be adjusted manually, if needed, to compensate for products of varying height. Plus, the highly reliable, dual rod cut and clamp system fully automates the wrapping process.

Temperature Operating Range Between 41F and 104F
R-Connect Ready Remote Machine Monitoring. Eliminate Downtime by Troubleshooting your Machines. Programmed Diagnostic: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
Automatic Film Cut-Off Cutting and Clamping film between wrap cycles. Cut is guaranteed by cold blade, and protected by retracted guard. 
Top Pressor Hold Downs Infeed and Outfeed PVC Rollers ensure correct stabilization of the product during wrapping.
Constant Film Tensioning Improves Package Integrity and reduces film breaks. 
Operator Interface  
Control Panel 7" Touch Screen Control Panel and Schneider inverter. 
Wrapping Menus 20 Operator Programmable Menus
Cycle Start Fully automatic with infeed and outfeed photocells
Wrap Counters Control on position and time interval of Continuous or Banding Wraps: Head, Tail or Reinforcement Wraps. 
Adjustable Ring Rotation Speed

20-180 rpm, Orbit R5 (5" carriage)

20-150 rpm, Orbit R5 (10" carriage) and R5 DR

10-120 rpm, Orbit R9

10-100 rpm, Orbit R9 (10" carriage) and R9 DR

10-80 rpm, Orbit R13 and R13 DR

E-Stop Emergency Stop on Control Panel
Film Carriage  
Film Delivery System Frictioned Roller with Quick Release, 150% Pre-Stretch(OPT)
Film Carriage 5" (W), 10" (W) Optional
Internal Film Core Dimension 3" (ID), 2" (ID) Optional
Film Thickness 65 to 200 gauges
Orbit Design  
Ring Diameter

20", Orbit R5

35", Orbit R9

53", Orbit R13

Conveyor Type Infeed and Outfeed Powered Belt Conveyor, MAX weight at 100 lbs/ft
Rotation Ring Aluminum Ring for Greater Stability during Wrap Cycle
Static Bridge 2 short metal forks support short products during wrapping
Conveyor Width at Infeed / Outfeed

20", Orbit R5

35", Orbit R9

51", Orbit R13

Conveyor Length at Infeed / Outfeed

30", Orbit R5

39", Orbit R9

59", Orbit R13

Machine Warranty 1 Year
Electrical & Air Requirements  
Electrical 480V, 3 Phase
Air 87 PSI
Installed Dimensions  

Orbit R5

Orbit R9

Orbit R13

62" (L) X 58" (W) X 59" (H), 

62" (L) X 79" (W) X 88" (H), 

62" (L) X 104" (W) X 106" (H), 

NEMA 13 Protection from dirt, spraying water, noncorrosive coolants
Photocell Detection Infeed and Outfeed Photocell to detect product's presence
Anti- Release Carriage System Keeps the film carriage locked while film is pulled away
Automatic Machine Stop Machine Stops when guards are opened
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