by Lamello
  • Powertool for flush trimming and simultaneous rounding off of all work piece forms
  • Large base plate with opening allows machine to be guided on the surface without wobbling
  • Robust and precise stepless height adjustment ensures that the base plate is always fixated at the correct angle


Stable and adjustable

Stable base plate with stepless fine adjustment of the cutting position.

All shapes, any use

Vertical machine guidance, regardless of the shape of the workpiece.

All standard cutters

With the supplied collet chucks 6 and 8mm a variety of standard cutters can be used

Technical Data

 Voltage (V) Profila E plus: 230 V
Power (W)
Profila E plus: 740 W
Profila Pro plus: 400 W
Speed (U/min) Profila E plus: 25'000 minˉ¹
Profila Pro Plus: 22'000 minˉ¹
Weight (kg) Profila E plus: 1.8 kg
Profila Pro plus: 1 kg
Base plate D 100 mm with 34 mm opening, 
25 mm reducer
Air consumption Profila Pro plus: 180 l/min
Operating pressure Profila Pro plus: max. 6.5 bar
Connection Profila Pro plus: 1/4 " NPT { background-color: #D3D3D3; }