RazorGage xT-Eco Positioner



Introduced at the 2017 AWFS show in Las Vegas, the new RazorGage xT-Eco positioner is an entry level stop gauge-positioner. Your operator will find the touch screen interface much faster and easier to use as compared to competitive units on the market. Want to enter a “25 and 15/16” inch part dimension? It takes only three button presses and you are there. Competing units will require 6 or more button presses to do the same thing. Want to create and save cut lists? The Android tablet has tremendous storage capacity, so you will not be limited to saving only small cut lists. Furthermore, the cut lists can be restored to original quantities after use or even multiplied should you want to make several “kits” of parts at once.

Time to eliminate those manual stops and tape measures. Make every operator your best operator. Eliminate miss-reading tape measures or scales. Keep your operator in front of your machine making parts, not repeatedly walking down to re-set that manual stop. The screen shots below show how intuitive the RazorGage xT-Eco is to use…

Technical Data

 Accuracy ±.008” over 12 feet if calibrated with a capable measuring device
Repeatability 0025”
Typical Speed 10 ips
Power Reqd 120 VAC / 10 Amps
Interface 7” Touchscreen
Networking Wi-Fi
Operating System Android
Max Ambient Temp 104º F Available in 8 & 12 Foot Stroke


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