RazorOptimal Crayon Defecting


All RazorOptimals run on PC’s running Windows 10 Professional that have built-in networking and multiple USB ports. You can choose to plug in a USB flash drive to load your cut list data or download your cut list from any of your networked computers.

Your operator will run the saw system from a 21-inch color touch screen. The main screen is simple to use. RazorOptimal systems are easy to learn and easy to use. Other companies force operators to work from tiny black and white LCD character screens–meaning they have to memorize features and operations. How archaic! –Like cutting wood with a stone ax.


The operator can choose to see the scan result or he can “Scan & Go” meaning the RazorOptimal will start the cutting process immediately after the system has completed scanning the crayon defect marks and length of the board.

Technical Data

Power Requirement 120 VAC at 10A
Cyclone Saw 230 VAC 3φ 30A OR 460 VAC 3φ 20A
Pockethole Saw 230 VAC 3φ 40A OR 460 VAC 3φ 30A
Both Saws 7.5 HP
Part Accuracy+/- 0.008” or better
Up to 200 lbs Push Force
22” Touch Screen
Network Port AND Wi-Fi
USB Ports
Two 4” Dust Ports min 1200 CFM
60 psi min compressed air pressure
Minimum Defect Scanning Width 1.5"



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