Schmalz Ergo 85 Vacuum Lifter w/ Jib Crane

by Schmalz

For workpieces of many different shapes and sizes weighing up to 300 kg

The twist grip on the JumboErgo is designed to operate like a motorcycle throttle. Large and heavy loads such as wooden boards, cardboard boxes and solar panels can be moved gently and precisely. The length of the operator handle can be varied, which allows the user to always maintain a safe distance from the load.

Vacuum Grippers

Versatility is key: Schmalz offers the right suction cups for virtually any application. With quick-change adapter the gripper can be changed quickly and easily.

Single vacuum gripper

For compact goods such as cardboard boxes, barrels, buckets, jugs and cabinets.

Single vacuum gripper, long

For pallets, narrow cardboard boxes, beams, square tubes and other elongated workpieces.

Round vacuum gripper

For barrels, buckets or stone slabs with rough surfaces.

Sack gripper

For paper and plastic bags, raw rubber bails and shrink-wrapped packages.

Double vacuum gripper

For cardboard boxes, crates or sheets. The vacuum grippers can be continuously adjusted along the beam.

Double vacuum gripper FM

For pallets, sections or cut pieces where the vacuum gripper is not fully covered by the workpiece. The grippers can be continuously adjusted along the beam.

Quadruple vacuum gripper

For large cardboard boxes, sheets and non-rigid pieces. The vacuum grippers can be continuously adjusted lengthwise and crossways.

Multiple vacuum gripper

For uneven workpieces such as foil trays or unstable cardboard boxes. The individual vacuum grippers optimally compensate for any unevenness.

Mechanical grippers

Schmalz offers mechanical gripper solutions for workpieces that cannot be vacuum-gripped, such as bags or open transport boxes.

Technical Data

The vacuum tube lifters JumboErgo and JumboSprint can be configured specifically based on the requirements of each individual application due to their modular design. The technical data varies depending on the configuration and on the vacuum gripper chosen.

Lift Capacities

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