Coima Shake, SHK 3 Dust Collector

by Coima

The SHK Series enclosureless dust collector is designed for the collection of sawdust and is ideal for indoor use in smaller wood shops, or for more localized extraction dedicated to specific woodworking machinery. The optional mechanical shaker cleaning system increases production time by reducing labor required to maintain filter efficiency. The bags can be mechanically shaken after the fan is switched off (per NFPA guidelines).

The filter housing supports polyester filter sleeves fixed by double snap rings into a tube sheet, which is mounted atop the material collection hopper that empties the collected material into plastic bags. The collector frame is made of galvanized sheet steel. The material handling fan is rated for S1 duty cycle (continuous running), and features a high-efficiency IP55 motor.

The SHK Series collector is available with an optional collection hopper with a rotary screw extractor and rotary air lock instead of a hopper and bag configuration.

SHK-1 3200 8″ 5 HP 1 119 ft2 12
SHK-2 3600 8″ 7.5 HP 2 237 ft2 24
SHK-3 5000 7″ 10 HP 3 355 ft2 36
SHK-4 6400 11″ 15 HP 4 485 ft2 48
SHK-5 7100 11″ 20 HP 5 615 ft2 60


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