Steelflex Secure Pre-Stretch


SteelFlex Secure utilizes ultra thin film technology, reduces material consumption, and worker fatigue. This film is constructed to handle the demands for almost all hand film applications. Providing strength, cost savings, and environmental source reduction, SteelFlex Secure is the leading choice for hand film applications.

Light Roll Weight
Safe Employee Application
Environmental Source Reduction Film

  • 15"-18" Hand Widths
  • Wraps Versatile Load Configurations
  • Damage Resistance Rolls
Item Product Size Roll/Plt
APPS182000 18" x2000' 168
APPS151500L 15.25" x1500 48
APPS181500L 17.2 x1500' 48
APPS152000L-BU 15" x2000' 180
APPS151500S 15.25" x1500' 48
APPS181500S 18" x1500' 48

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