Steelflex Spectrum (Machine Films)


Steelflex Spectrum is available in 7 colors. Alliance Plastics is your colored film headquarters. Along with our standard machine and hand put ups, we can convert to meet your needs. Never turn down or walk away from an opportunity to provide solutions.


Good Load Retention
Consistent Puncture Resistance
Available to Convert


  • Available in 7 Colors
  • Standard Hand Put Ups
  • Conventional 80 ga Machine Film

Technical Data

Item Product Size GA Col. Case Wgt. Rolls/Plt
APBM20805BE 20"x5000' 80 BE 32.0 40
APBM20805BK 20"x5000' 80 BK 32.0 40
APBM20805GN 20"x5000' 80 GN 32.0 40
APBM20805OR 20"x5000' 80 OR 32.0 40
APBM20805RD 20"x5000' 80 RD 32.0 40
APBM20805WE 20"x5000' 80 WE 32.0 40
APBM20805YW 20"x5000' 80 YW 32.0 40

Available in Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Red, White and Yellow


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