Steelflex Spectrum Plus (Machine Films)


Alliance Plastics is your colored film headquarters. Steelflex Spectrum Plus is available in a wide range of 7 colors. Equip your customers with high performance source reduction film without sacrificing strength or puncture resistance. Along with our standard machine and hand put ups, we can convert to meet your needs. Never turn down or walk away from an opportunity to provide solutions to prevent pilferage, identify, and organize your customer’s material with this environmental source reduction film.


Good Load Retention
Consistent Puncture Resistance
Available to Convert
Environmental Source Reduction


  • Seven Colors Available
  • Constructed With High Performance Film
  • Excellent Opacity and Tint

Technical Data

Item Product Size GA Rolls Wgt. Rolls/Plt Color
APPM208050OP-BK 500 x 5000 63 25,00 50 Black
APPM208050OP-BE 500 x 5000 63 25,00 50 Blue
APPM208050OP-WE 500 x 5000 63 25,00 50 White
APPM208050OP-GN 500 x 5000 63 25,00 50 Green
APPM208050OP-YW 500 x 5000 63 25,00 50 Yellow
APPM208050OP-RD 500 x 5000 63 25,00 50 Red



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