Steelflex Xtreme


SteelFlex Xtreme is the most advanced down gauge hand film on the market. SteelFlex Xtreme’s new formula offers greater puncture and tear resistance at razor thin gauges. Experience the crystal clear optics, low neck down, and quiet release that give you the consistent performance you have come to expect from SteelFlex Xtreme Hand Film!


Reduced Load Cost
Environmental Source Reduction
Ultra High Performance Film


  • Ultra High Clarity
  • Premium Puncture Resistance
  • Remarkable Load Retention

Technical Data

SteelFlex Xtreme Hand 60ga

Item Product Description Product Mic. Cs/Plt
APPH-1260SX 305mmx600m 8.4 80
APPH-1460SX 356mmx600m 8.4 64
APPH-1660SX15 406mmx450m 8.4 80
APPH-1660SX 406mmx600m 8.4 64
APPH-1860SX15 450mmx450mm 8.4 80
APPH-1860SX 450mmx600m 8.4 64


SteelFlex Xtreme Hand 70ga

Item Product Description Product Mic. Cs/Plt
APPH-1270SX 305mmx450m 9.4 80
APPH-1470SX 356mmx450m 9.4 64
APPH-1670SX15 406mmx450m 9.4 64
APPH-1870SX 450mmx450m 9.4 64


SteelFlex Xtreme Hand 80ga

Item Product Description Product Mic. Cs/Plt
APPH-1280SX 305mmx450m 10.9 80
APPH-1480SX 356mmx450m 10.9 64
APPH-1680SX 406mmx450m 10.9 64
APPH-1880SX 450mmx450m 10.9 64


SteelFlex Xtreme Hand 90ga

Item Product Description Product Mic. Cs/Plt
APPH-1290SX 305mmx450m 12.2 80
APPH-1490SX 356mmx450m 12.2 64
APPH-1690SX 406mmx450m 12.2 64
APPH-1890SX 450mmx450m 12.2 64



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