Techflex 1-1/4" Gorilla Sleeve For 27mm Hoses - 14' Length

by Festool

Designed for use with Festool 27mm hoses, 14-foot length.

Recommended personally to us by Gary Katz, the TechFlex Gorilla Sleeve is an awesome compliment to your CT Dust Extractor Hoses. Gorilla sleeve is a nylon sleeve that expands to fit over your 27mm Festool Dust Extraction Hose. Once "installed" (slide it over the hose) the Gorilla Sleeve will provide an abrasion resistant, slick, smooth and protective surface for your dust extraction hoses. This wsimachinery2Femeans no more cut or dinged hoses. It means no more catching your hose on your Festool guide rails or edge of your MFT Table (YES!). We've installed it here at the shop and we've been super happy with the Gorilla Sleeve.


Gorilla Sleeve is engineered from flat, 50 mil wide filaments of tough and strong 6-6 Nylon to achieve a thick abrasion guard for use on hoses and cables exposed to harsh conditions. The product provides fuller coverage for increased resistance to abrasion and penetration, and still expands for easy installation over long lengths.The braided construction allows moisture dissipate quickly to prevent rot and fungus.Gorilla Sleeve provides protection, easy installation and long-lasting good looks on any application.Gorilla Sleeve is available in Black. { background-color: #D3D3D3; }