Tradesman / Installer Cleaning Set D 36 HW-RS-Plus

by Festool
  • The ideal cleaning set for tradesmen
  • A high-quality, connectible floor nozzle ensures flexible cleaning work
  • The D36 suction hose is the ideal connection for strong suction power
  • You receive all these in a practical Systainer 5 T-LOC


The new suction hose: Smooth elastic, tapered – with smooth outer skin for significantly improved handling, a longer service life, and increased suction power.

Get the most out of your CT Dust Extractor investment by supplementing it with a Festool cleaning set. Packed in a Systainer 5, the Tradesperson/Installer Cleaning Set is an ideal solution for onsite cleanup, especially for residential work. Keep this set docked on your CT for quick and easy cleanup, helping you to leave a cleaner workspace and more satisfied clients. The Tradesperson / Installer Cleaning Set features durable stainless steel construction, assuring you of a long service life for your most demanding work.


  • Systainer 5 (497567)
  • 36mm x 3.5m Antistatic hose
  • 36mm plastic curved hand tube
  • 36mm stainless steel extension tubes
  • 36mm polypropylene multi-purpose floor nozzle
  • 36mm polypropylene crevice nozzle
  • 36mm polypropylene upholstery nozzle
  • 36mm polypropylene suction brush

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