WAXILIT 22-60 New, Wet or Coarse Wood Lubricant, Non Hazmat

by Acmos


Is a silicone-free lubricant used for planers or other woodworking machines equipped with or without an automatic feed and was specially developed for the processing of wet wood, fresh wood and coarse wood. WAXILIT 22-60 can be applied by hand but can also be sprayed if the machine is suitably equipped for this. WAXILIT guarantees, a good lubricating effect, good sliding effect, outstanding corrosion protection with no left behind residue and helps prevent blockages of pumps, lines or nozzles.

Classified as non Hazardous/Hazmat for DOT Shipping makes this product much more affordable to ship without any hazmat shipping fees.

WAXILIT is the original machine table lubricant and is considered the industry standard by which all table lubricants are compared to.

WAXILIT 22-60 Features:

  • Provides excellent non-sticking table lubrication
  • Will not contaminate pumps, lines or nozzles
  • Classified non-hazardous for shipping purposes
  • Silicone-free
  • Will not stain the wood or leave greasy residue
  • Will not adversely affect paints and stains
  • Does not interfere with any post-treatments
  • Prevents formation of rust


Application: Automatic

NON Hazardous/Hazmat for DOT Shipping

Available Container Amounts:

1 (Qty 12 Sold by Case) | 20 | 40 | 180 kgs

0.3 (Qty 12 Sold by Case) | 6.3 | 12.6 | 57 Gallons



No substances regarded as toxic or carcinogenic according to the Regulations concerning Dangerous Substances are used in the production of WAXILIT 22-60.


WAXILIT 22-60 is a silicon-free lubricant for woodworking machines equipped with an automatic feeder. WAXILIT 22-60 ensures excellent corrosion protection in addition to a good lubrication effect. No blockage of pumps, pipes and nozzles.


Pour WAXILIT 22-60 into the storage tank of the lubricant pump. The lubricant can also be used with a hand spray-gun (preferably metal). WAXILIT 22-60 has been specially developed for treatment of wet wood, new wood and coarse wood. Because of the simultaneous corrosion protection this lubricant can also be used on free-standing machines (e.g. frame saws).

Call in and ask for WAXILIT 22-71F when using stored wood on planing machines, etc.

Physical and chemical properties:

Form: Liquid

Appearance: Light Yellow

Smell: Oily

Density at 20°C: 0.84 g/cm³ DIN 51757


Storage temperature: between 10°C and 30°C

Maximum Storage: 18 months


Protect from heat and cold.

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