SCM Nova SI 400 Sliding Table Saw, INCLUDES FREIGHT

by SCM

The Nova SI 400 is SCM’s best-selling sliding table saw. This machine comes with a 350mm (14”) main blade (maximum blade capacity is 16”) and adjustable “EZ Dial” split scoring blade. It features a 10.5’ squaring stroke on an anodized aluminum sliding table with hardened steel guides and an impressive 11 horsepower 3-phase motor to cut through tough materials with great precision. Our customers appreciate the ease of use and production capabilities this saw has to offer.

3-phase, 10.5' sliding table with 11 horsepower and up to a 16" blade capacity with  1" arbor.

Blade Group Trunnion for Tilting
The double trunnion assembly for blade tilting is part of the blade group casting. The entire blade group raises and lowers on two dovetailed steel guideways. This casting eliminates the possibility of misalignment which exists when these parts are bolted in place or pivoted on a pin as some manufacturers do. Our engineered direct shaft drive coupled with rack and pinion allows for a smooth angle adjustment of the saw blade.

New Wider Sliding Table
The Nova SI 400 has a new, wider, sliding table with two channels for added versatility. This is a feature normally only found on our larger machines. The hardened steel guideways are machined into place (no glue), and are designed to last the life of the machine with no adjustments needed.

E-Z Dial Scoring Set
Adjusting the scoring set is quick and easy. Simply turn the dial to adjust the width of the score. This system eliminates the need for shims and the constant adjustment they require. It is fully adjustable in 0.1mm increments.

Overarm Saw Guard
The Nova SI 400 comes standard with an overhead blade guard. Whether you are cutting sheet goods, or 5” thick solid wood lumber, this guard has you covered. The guard also has a dust collection outlet to aid in the removal of dust and other airborne particles.

Heavy Rip Fence Support and Knuckle
The Nova SI 400 has a robust knuckle and rip fence that ride on a heavy-duty steel bar. A sturdy cam lock, micro adjustment handle and a completely adjustable high/low aluminum fence extrusion come standard with the machine.

Radius Steel Guideway System
Guideways are ground to tolerance allowing for a precise and permanent fitting of the wagon assembly. The radius is ground into the steel guides which increases the contact area along the bearing surface which eliminates pre-mature wearing of the bearing and guides. The steel guides are mechanically dovetailed (not glued) into place and have a +/- 0.05mm (.002”) tolerance along the entire length of the carriage. The carriage will never require adjustment due to its structure with arch-ground steel guideways (developed by SCM). All classical SCM sliders come with a 10 year warranty on table guideway tolerances.

Flip-Stops and Boom Extension
The Nova SI 400 has two flip-over stops for fast referencing when cutting workpieces with the same dimensions. This saw also has a crosscut fence that is over 90” long and a boom extension that can extend it another 48” when working with large panels.

Cast-Iron Blade Group
The Nova SI 400 has a massive cast-iron blade group which tilts on a trunnion mechanism. This closed system allows for maximum dust removal and is the most durable tilting design. The gear assemblies are encased which prevent dust or pitch to penetrate the joining mechanisms. Other inferior systems have an open structure which allows the blade group to twist when one of the trunnions is blocked by pitch or dust, thus throwing off your entire blade group and the accuracy of your cut.

Saw unit: A perfect cut. Maximum torsional rigidity and the total absence of vibration through the closed loop structure of the saw unit which ensures perfect alignment of the blades during tilted and difficult cuts.
Sliding carriage: Smooth sliding and a solid work surface. The wide section of the carriage, with closed reticular geometry provides extreme rigidity and minimum deflection. A smooth operating motion is guaranteed over time by the system of sliding bearings running on hardened steel guides using an exclusive method of mechanical fixing.
Manual movements: Always user friendly and precise. Ease of use in every day operation due to the dedicated gear box, fully protected from dust (SCM patented solution), that provides a smooth and direct transmission. Every minimum handwheel movement corresponds to a precise blade adjustment.
Manual adjustment of the scoring unit: Simple and effective. Vertical and horizontal adjustments are carried out by user-friendly mechanical levers that operate directly making precise and smooth movements. The useful mechanical stops allows immediately finding of the set position. The positioning of the controls allows their use without moving from the front of the machine.

- Anodized aluminum sliding table with hardened steel guides
- Automatic self-braking motor
- 11Hp main blade motor
- Separate 1Hp scoring motor
- Mechanical tilt indicator
- Tilting arbor from 0° to 45°
- Separate hand wheels on front for lifting and tilting of blade
- External scoring saw adjustment with stops
- Slider locks anywhere to the right of the blade
- Overhead mounted blade guard with dust outlet
- Heavy industrial aluminum extrusion crosscut fence with flip stops
- Standard 1 year warranty (10 years on table guideway tolerances)
- Eccentric Clamp
- Electrical control panel tilted 25° deg. for ergonomics
- Complimentary 350mm starter blade
- Complimentary ”EZ Dial” adjustable split scoring blade assembly

Nova SI 400
Max. saw blade diameter with mounted scorer mm 400
Maximum saw blade projection from table to 90°/45° mm 140/97
Cutting width on rip fence mm 1000 - 1500
Squaring capacity mm 3200 - 3800 x 3200
Three-phase motors starting from kW/Hz 7 (8) / 50 (60)

Horsepower – Main/Scoring Blades: 11 Hp / 1 Hp
Squaring Stroke: 3200mm (126”)
Rip Capacity: 1270mm (51”)
Fixed Table Size: 1040mm x 630mm (41” x 25”)
Height of Worktable: 875mm (34.5”)
Main Blade Diameter/Arbor: 350mm – 400mm / 1”
Scoring Blade Diameter/Arbor: 120mm / ¾”
Blade Tilt: 90° - 45°
Depth of Cut (w/ 400mm Blade) at 0°/45°: 140mm (5.5”) / 97mm (3.8”)
Motor: 3-phase, 230v
Dust Port Outlets – Base/Overarm Guard: 120mm / 80mm
Minimum Suggested Extraction Volume: 1100 cfm
Shipping Weight – 2 Pieces
Machine: 1561 lbs.
Table: 260 lbs.
Net Shipping Weight: 1821 lbs.

**Specifications are subject to change**


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