Terms & Conditions


  1. TAX:  Any tax imposed by Federal, State, or other governmental authority on the sale of merchandise and/or service shall be paid by the Buyer in  addition to the quoted price, unless Seller is provided evidence of exemption status from the Buyer.
  1. DELIVERY: Seller shall have no liability whatsoever for loss or damage due to late delivery or non-delivery of the equipment subject to this invoice. Furthermore, if Seller’s performance of this sale is, in whole or in part, prevented or hindered by any cause whatsoever (including act of God, war, labor difficulties, accident ) or any other cause of any kind, Seller shall have the right to cancel, without any liability on its part, the entire or any portion or portions of this order so affected.
  2. CANCELLATION: An order may not be cancelled by Purchaser without consent of Seller; Seller shall have the absolute right to cancel and refuse to complete an order for ANY REASON or  upon the occurrence of either of the following: An order may be cancelled by the Se(1) if at any time Purchaser is not in strict compliance with any of these Terms and Conditions (including any requirement of progress payments), or (2) if at any time Purchaser becomes bankrupt or insolvent. In the event of cancellation by Seller as set forth above, or if Seller consents to the request by Purchaser to stop work or to cancel the whole or any part of an order, Purchaser shall make payments to Seller as follows: (1) Any and all work that can be completed within (30) days from date of notification to stop work on account of cancellation shall be completed, shipped and paid in full, (2) For work in progress and any materials and supplies procured, or for which definite commitments have been made by Seller in connection with the order, Purchaser will pay Seller’s actual costs and overhead expenses (determined by Seller in accordance with Seller’s standard accounting practice) plus ten percent (10%), (3) Purchaser shall assume all responsibility for all cancellation charges and expenses in connection with any terminated or partially completed sales agreement between Seller and any of its vendors or suppliers. In the event that Purchaser causes or partially causes any delay in the completion of any agreement that Seller has with a third party, Seller shall be entitled to further payment from Purchaser in an amount sufficient to compensate Seller for the additional costs associated with the delay.
  3. LIMITATION OF DAMAGES: In no event shall buyer be entitled to recover any incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, inconvenience, rental or replacement of equipment, lost profits, or other commercial loss. In no event shall seller be liable for any damages in excess of the purchase price to the buyer of the machinery.
  4. DELAY BY BUYER: If the installation of equipment is delayed by the Buyer for more than 30 days past the date of delivery, final payment will be due immediately regardless of final installation.
  5. INDEMNITY: Buyer shall indemnify and hold seller harmless from all claims, actions, demands, loss, liabilities and expense(including without limitation attorney’s fees), arising in contract or in tory (including without limitation, seller’s sole, partial or concurrent negligence and strict or products liability related to the marketing of a defective or unreasonably dangerous product) and resulting from or related to the sale, installation, use, operation or maintenance of the machinery.
  6. DISCLAIMER OR WARRANTIES: Any machinery sold on an “As is”, or “Used”, or “Refurbished”, or “Rebuilt”, or “Reconditioned” basis is sold with all faults and without any warranty or guarantee whatsoever, express or implied, including without limitation, no warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  Seller disclaims and buyer waives and releases seller from any and all representations and warranties, either expressed or implied.  Buyer acknowledges and agrees that seller shall have no liability to buyer for any claim, loss, or damage caused or alleged to have been caused directly, indirectly, incidentally, or consequentially by the equipment, or by any inadequacy thereof or deficiency or defect therein, or by any incident whatsoever in connection therewith whether arising in strict liability or otherwise.
  7. SERVICE AFTER PURCHASE: Any service or assistance from WSI, not covered by the Manufacturer’s warranty, via tech visit, phone, or email is billable at our currently hourly service rate.
  8. ILLINOIS LAW: This Sales Agreement/Invoice shall be governed by the laws of the State of Illinois and shall be enforceable in the courts of the State of Illinois.
  9. LEGAL FEES: Any and all legal fees incurred in the collection of the monies needed to fulfill the terms of this Sales Agreement/Invoice, shall be the responsibility of the Buyer. 
  10. RISK OF LOSS: Delivery of the machinery to a common carrier or any agent of Buyer shall constitute delivery to Buyer and, thereafter, all risk of loss or damage in transit shall be borne by Buyer. Freight claims are the responsibility of Buyer.  Shipments shall be inspected by Buyer upon unloading and Buyer shall notify Seller of any defects or omissions in the goods with ten (10) days of delivery.  Unloading and placement of machinery is the responsibility of the Buyer. 
  11. INTEREST: If Buyer fails to timely pay any amounts due Seller, such amounts shall bear interest at the maximum rate allowed by applicable law from the date that such payment is due until paid.
  12. RESPONSIBILITY FOR OPERATION: Buyer assumes the sole responsibility of installing, operating and maintaining the machinery in compliance with federal, state and local laws, ordinances and regulations and all applicable manufacturer’s recommendations, guidelines and instructions for providing adequate safeguards, warnings, and safety devices to protect all operators and other persons from any harm by the machinery.
  13. SELLER’S RELIANCE ON MANUFACTURER’S INFORMATION: Seller relies on written information obtained from the manufacturer relating to the description, capability, performance and delivery schedule of the quoted machine(s) and related components, systems, parts, tooling and supplies.
  14. NON-PAYMENT: Non-payment leads to equipment re-possession, with all expenses borne by the Buyer. 
  15. SPECS: Features as described on specification sheets are subject to correction or change without notice.
  16. FINANCING: if Buyer is obtaining financing, the Seller reserves the right to wait for written confirmation that the financing has been obtained before ordering the merchandise.
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