100mm x 20mm, 20T, Conical, Carbide Panel Saw Scoring Blade, 2055.100.20

SKU AP205510020

100mm x 20mm, 20 Teeth, Conical Tooth Style, 3.0 - 3.7mm Kerf, 2.2mm Plate, Carbide Tipped Scoring Saw Blade

Scoring saw blades for panel saws and beam saws. Recommended for use when cutting single or multiple sheets, this blade will prevent tear-out on the exit cut of the panel.

Tooth Style: Conic Tooth for Beam Saws and Panel Saws


Technical Data

Blade Type: Scoring Saw Blade
Diameter: 100mm
Bore: 20mm
Tooth Configuration: Conical
Teeth: 20
Kerf: 3.0mm/3.7mm
Plate: 2.2mm

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