12" x 5/8”, 80T, TCG, Tungsten Carbide Sliding Table Saw Blade, L23300-5/8

by FS Tool
SKU FOL23300-5/8

12" x 5/8'', TCG, 80 Teeth, Tungsten Carbide Standard Cross Cut Saw Blade

This saw blades arbor is 1" but is fit with a reducer bushing to specifically fit 5/8" arbors.

Note: Most saw blades that are 8 to 10 inches in diameter have an arbor size of 5/8 inches. For saw blades that are larger than 10 inches, a "reducing bushing" is used to make the 5/8 inch arbor fit properly. This is common practice and won't affect the quality of your cuts.


  • General Cut-off
  • Trimming


  • Plastic Laminated Materials single-sided, or double-sided using a pre-scoring unit.

Machine Types

  • Table Saws
  • Sliding Table Saw
  • Cut-Off Saws


Technical Data

Blade Type: Standard Cross-Cut Saw Blade
Diameter: 12"
Bore: 5/8" with reducer bushing (1" arbor standard)
Tooth Configuration: TCG
Teeth: 80
Kerf: 0.135"
Plate: 0.095"
Max RPM: 6,250
Hook: 5º

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