120mm x 20mm, 2x12T, FTG, Split Style, Tungsten Carbide Sliding Table Saw Scoring Blade, 52812001-20

by FS Tool
SKU FO5281200120

120mm x 20mm, 2x12 Teeth, Flat Top, Tungsten Carbide Split Scoring Saw Blade, 52812001-20 with 2/5/34 Pinholes.

Tooth Style: Flat Top

Pin Holes: 2/5/34


  • Pre-Scoring


  • Plastic Laminated Sheets

Machine Types

  • Table Saws
  • Sliding Table Saws
  • Panel Sizing Saws with controllable pre-scoring units


Technical Data

Blade Type: Scoring Saw Blades
Diameter: 120mm (4.72")
Bore: 20mm (0.787")
Pin Holes: 2/5/24
Tooth Configuration: Flat Top
Teeth: 2x12
Kerf: 2.8mm/3.6mm
Plate: 2.0mm

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