17.7" x 47 ga x 1467' SteelFlex Xtreme Hand Film, APPH1880SX-2 - 256 Rolls, Free Shipping


17.7" x 47 ga x 1467' SteelFlex Xtreme Hand Film, Ships within 5 - 7 Days

Steelflex Xtreme was designed as a high performance and environmentally friendly stretch film. Steelflex Xtreme ultra-thin and ultra-strong design allows for reduction in both packaging materials and film usage resulting in a cost effective, sustainable solution.

Price per a roll: $10.91 (includes shipping)


  • Ultra-thin hand film engineered to replace much thicker products
  • Versatile for all load applications
  • Stiffer and stronger film design
  • Exceptional puncture and tear resistance
  • Quiet unwind and clear optics


  • 4 Rolls per a case
  • 17.7" Roll width
  • 1476' Roll length
  • 47 Gauge 
  • 19.6 lbs. per a case

Full Pallet Information

  • Free US Shipping for full pallet order
  • 64 Cases/256 Rolls per a pallet
  • 1,254 lbs. per a pallet



SteelFlex Xtreme Hand Film Brochure

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