JLT 2"- 4" Rocker Plate (2 per Clamp) Each, 80-1704

by JLT
SKU JT801704

Rocker Plates are used for laminating. First they extend the height of the jaws to cover the full thickness of the material. Second, because our clamps have "toe-in", rocker plates are necessary to evenly distribute the clamping force from top to bottom. They can be installed or removed in seconds.

This listing is for 1 rocker plate. Each clamp needs a Rocker Plate on each side (2 total per a clamp).


  • Designed to affix the front and rear jaw plate on Taylor clamps

  • Raise the overall height of the jaws to 4"

  • Created an easier simpler way to glue up thick stock components

JLT Clamps Panel Clamp and Rocker Plate Adapters Video

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