Acmos 65-62 Grinding Coolant, Non Hazmat

by Acmos


A water-soluble special grinding coolant for all grinding work, especially suitable for hard metal materials. Prevents the absorption of cobalt ions in the grinding solution. Used for drilling, turning, milling and sawing. Low-foaming and amine-free.

Classified as non Hazardous/Hazmat for DOT Shipping makes this product much more affordable to ship without any hazmat shipping fees.

WAXILIT 65-62 Features:

  • Special grinding coolant for grinding carbide materials
  • Very effective for grinding carbide materials and on all standard steels and cast iron
  • Excellent anti-corrosion properties
  • Water-soluble; Can be further diluted with water
  • Reduces odor and increased lubricity
  • Prevents formation of rust
  • Keeps knives cool when grinding without any burning
  • Clear and easy to notice when the water needs replacing
  • Works well on carbide without any leaching of cobalt
  • Low-foaming, amine-free


Note: The grinding coolant is dilutable with water, so for example to have 1 liter = 1000 ml solution, it needs 970 ml water and 30 ml of ACMOSIT 65-62 (3%).

Application: Start with 3% ACMOSIT 65-62 in water for the grinding of high-grade steel and carbide. When grinding cast iron, not less than 4%.

Recommended Uses: Carbide, standard steel, cast iron profile and tooling grinding

NON Hazardous/Hazmat for DOT Shipping

Available Container Amounts:

Kg: 20 | (2-pack) 40 | 220

Gallons: 4.5 | (2-pack) 9 | 49



ACMOSIT 65-62 is an entirely synthetic, special grinding coolant that is free of amines, chlorines, and nitrites.


ACMOSIT 65-62 is diluted in water from 3% for grinding carbide and steel. Not less than 4% for grinding cast iron.

Note: Good filtration is essential. Band filters have proved most effective. If centrifuges, magnetic separators or hydro-cyclones are used, the anti-foaming properties may be impaired.


Dissolves very easily in water to a transparent abrasive liquid. ACMOST 65-62 is particularly suitable for grinding carbide materials. Also very effective on all standard steels and cast iron.

AMOSIT 65-62 prevents the absorption of cobalt ions in grinding solutions and therefore also prevents discoloration. This significantly improves worker protection.

Excellent anti-corrosion properties. Outstanding stability. No odor formation, no decomposition, can stand for very long periods.

Low-foaming even where the cooling lubricant is under high pressure and is has a good rinsing effect.

Physical and chemical properties:

Form: Liquid

Appearance: Yellow

Smell: Mild

Density at 20°C: 1.18 g/cm³ ; DIN 51757

PH Value (at 20°C): 9.2 (50 g/l) ; DIN 51369


Storage temperature: between 10°C and 30°C


Protect from heat and cold.

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