Amana Tool Router Bits


Amana Tool offers a full range of top-quality precision CNC tooling for industrial applications, including CNC router tooling, insert tooling, spiral tooling, diamond tooling and tool holders. Amana Tool router bits for CNC machines provide superior smooth quality cuts every time. Each CNC insert router bit body was designed for quick, precise replacements of dull knives. Replacement knives are secured with locking screws for maximum safety during CNC tooling. CNC Insert knives are long lasting and can be re-sharpened multiple times without affecting the original profile.

Call for Quote:

We believe in providing tailored solutions and personalized service. Due to the diverse nature of our CNC Router Bits and the specific requirements of each project, we offer a "Call for Quote" pricing model. This ensures that you receive a pricing package that aligns with your unique needs and budget.

Discover Our Range:

  • Aluminum/Non Ferrous Metal Cutting Router Bits
  • Architectural Router Bits
  • Composite, Fiberglass & Phenolic Cutting Router Bits
  • Diamond Tipped (PCD) Router Bits
  • Door Marking Router Bits
  • Foam Cutting Router Bits
  • Fiberglass Cutting Router Bits
  • Flooring Router Bits
  • Grooving Router Bits
  • Honeycomb Cutting Router Bits
  • Jointing Router Bits
  • Miniature Router Bits
  • Planing & Hogging Router Bits
  • Plastic Cutting Router Bits
  • Profiling Router Bits
  • Rabbeting Insert Router Bits
  • Router Bit Sets
  • Signmaking Router Bits
  • Solid Carbide Spektra Extreme Tool Life Coated Router Bits
  • Solid Surface Router Bits
  • Spiral Compression Router Bits
  • Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminum, Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting Burr Bits
  • Straight Plunge Router Bits
  • Trimming Router Bits
  • V-Groove Router Bits

Contact Us Today:

Unlock the true potential of your woodworking endeavors with Amana Tool CNC Router Bits. Contact our experienced team today to discuss your requirements, receive expert guidance, and request a customized quote. Let us be your partners in precision and creativity.

Why Choose Amana Tool CNC Router Bits?

  • High quality long lasting European sub-micrograin & micrograin carbide
  • Thick carbide for multiple resharpenings
  • Different carbide grades for different materials
  • Silver induction brazing for maximum carbide bonding strength
  • Produced according to Holz-BG German standards for safety and quality
  • Centerless ground shank for exact fit
  • Multi axis grinding
  • Bodies manufactured in single clamping for superior balance, symmetry, precision and centricity
  • Use of only solid bar stock steel (brazed bits)
  • Shanks laser etched with size, maximum RPM ratings and clamping depth

 *All router bits are carbide-tipped unless stated otherwise.

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