Balestrini CP

by SCM

Balestrini cp is a routing machine designed to enable quick machining operations, perfect re production of profiles and finishing quality, ensuring a high standard of machining results in the course of time. It offers definitely higher performance, both compared to analogous conventional machines with template copying characteristics and compared to other similar machines currently in production.

  • Higher productivity and better finishing quality as opposed to other copying machines or similar equipment
  • Possibility to carry out rounded workpieces both on the head and on the tail, obtaining perfect finishing quality
  • Possibility to carry out several different machining operations without being constrained to use countertemplates (depending on the installed tools)
  • Rapidity and handiness of setting-up thanks to the special dedicated software and the sophisticated mechanism for tool replacement which makes this operation extremely
Max. working length 2450/2900/3450
Max working width (with tools ø 100 mm) 400 mm (500 mm)
Max working height 180 mm (240 mm)
Max working speed 50 m/min
Carriage return speed 100 m/min
H type tool holders Shaft ø 40 mm h 180
J type tool holders Shaft ø 40 mm h 240


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