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With a legacy spanning over 60+ years, CMT Orange Tools has solidified its reputation as an industry leader, synonymous with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology. Their CNC Router Bits are meticulously crafted to empower you with the tools you need to transform your woodworking projects into masterpieces.

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At CMT Orange Tools, we recognize the diverse needs of our customers and the intricacies of their projects. To provide you with a pricing package that aligns perfectly with your needs and budget, we offer a "Call for Quote" pricing model.

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Router Bit Sets: CMT router bit sets are ideal to purchase when you have a specific function in mind such as creating raised panel doors, crown moulding and glass panel doors and they are ideal when the woodworker knows that they will utilize a multitude of a certain style of bit (plywood bits, solid carbide spiral bits or dovetail bits for example). Varied profile style router bit sets are an ideal purchase for beginning woodworkers. Many of the router bit sets come equipped with a beautiful wooden case. Router bit sets offer a substantial savings over buying individual router bits.

Contractor Router Bits: This series is designed for value-driven contractors, remodelers and DIYers. Long-lasting performance and high resistance.

Industrial Router Bits: CMT manufactures a wide range of industrial router bits for the production workshop, cabinet maker and fine woodworker. From solid carbide router bits for the most advanced CNC woodworking machines to raised panel bits for the cabinet maker, CMT has the router bits for your quality woodworking needs. 

Router Cutters and Chucks for CNC: In a high-speed, fully-automated production environment, it is important to use strong reliable chucks for CNC to be fixed into CNC machines and hold router cutters to work perfectly, efficiently and in the safest method. Machined from special super-strength steel, CMT chucks for CNC and router cutters easily meet the demands of production routing applications. CMT offers a wide variety of industrial collets, adaptors and bushings for the majority of your production woodworking needs.

Router Bits with Insert Knives: Router bits with insert knives contain a radial and axial groove for better positioning and security of axial knife moving. These router bits with insert knives are for finishing, routing, plunge cutting, grooving and other executions in boards materials (laminated DTD, MDF) and hard wood, to be used on power tools and CNC machines. In router bits, knives can be replaced or inverted fast to operate on different wooden materials in a little time. These router bits are an excellent investment for cabinet shops that produce work that requires repetitive router function as the cost of the carbide knives will bring substantial savings over time to the cabinet maker.

Industrial Boring Bits: A wide range of dowel, through hole, twist drills, hinge boring bits and diamond woodworking tools. These bits are available in a wide array of sizes and qualities for performance and price. The combination of micrograin carbide, PTFE coating, high strength steel body, six axis grinding and a unique shock resistant brazing are some of the factors that make CMT the leader in industrial boring bit technology and diamond woodworking tool production.

Boring Bits & Forstner Bits: High precision, total reliability and premium quality are only a few of the positive features concerning our boring bits for power tools. Here you will find perfectly-centred and rotation defect-free adaptors that can be adjusted to a variety of different spindles, strong and totally-safe drill holders, hinge boring bits for power tools, super-strong high-precision dowel drills and countersinks for the latter. Our boring bits for power tools are premium quality extra-fine micrograin carbide and super strength steel, are safe and guaranteed.

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Why Choose CMT Orange Tools CNC Router Bits?

  • The Final Touch: A tool simply wouldn’t be a CMT tool if it didn’t have the trademark orange color non-stick PTFE coating on it. This unique industrial-strength surface coating is designed to withstand the physical stresses the tool undergoes during use while protecting it from residue build-up and burning. And we really like the orange color too.

  • Quality Control: CMT uses rigorous quality control programs and the latest generation machining equipment to ensure that each bit has been manufactured with precision and accuracy and that it will give the long-lasting performance you expect from a CMT orange tool. Our tools are manufactured in compliance with European Standard EN 847 published and enforced by the CEN.

  • Turning, Milling and Cutting: Our biggest investment in recent years has been in upgrading production. Today, all machinery at CMT is fully automated. CNC machines run by specially trained operators ensuring the shanks and bodies of our router and boring bits are accurate and perfectly balanced.

  • Heat forged steel bodies for large diameter bits: No router bits are exactly the same, not even in the way they are made. Certain bits require a few more steps than others, like heat forging the steel of larger diameter bits before turning it into precise bit bodies. This extra step produces a radial grain orientation which offers large diameter bits extra strength and durability.

  • Brazing: We have pioneered the art of brazing. Not only does our unique custom-designed computerized brazing equipment help eliminate the inconsistencies found in old fashioned hand brazing, but our silver-copper-silver brazing ‘sandwich’ provides a tight bond between the steel and the carbide, with a shock absorbing effect to protect the carbide tips when cutting harder woods.

  • Specially formulated carbide for specific applications: In woodworking, you have to cut every kind of material, so we make sure that our carbide tips can handle each individual job. This means specially formulating the carbide of each tool so that the compositions vary from being super hard (for tough cutting jobs like laminates) to being less hard (to absorb the impact when cutting large profiles) and everything in between.

  • Grinding and Sharpening: The final step in the production process is no different from the rest: sharpening and grinding are done to extreme precision on multi-axis CNC machines. Each bevel and angle is ground or sharpened to the micron, to produce a cutting edge that is both razor sharp, yet extremely durable.

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