New Robopac Robot S7 Portable Stretch Wrapper

by RoboPac



The portable Robot S7 with CUBE Technology provides maximum flexibility. Just bring it to your load.

  • Handles most load lengths and widths and any weight.
  • Easy to use thanks to intuitive seven (7) inch touchscreen.
  • CUBE Technology will reduce your film usage by 30% to 55%, your load containment and reduce potential product damage.
  • Power Drive system via brushless motors ensures 20% saving on power consumption, extending battery life to 250 pallets per charge.
  • Automatic switch-off system after 30 minute of Robot S7’s standby.
  • Instant Load System (ILS) threads your film faster than ever: close the door on the film carriage and you are ready to wrap.
  • Portability of the Robot S7 can deliver 25% productivity improvement in order picked warehouse applications with minimal impact to your current processes.
  •          86” or 110” maximum wrap height.
  • The standard Robot S7 configuration (20” film carriage, 110” wrap height mast) features R- Connect and LED Blue Safety Beacon as a standard feature.
  • The Robot S7 with 86” wrap height has R- Connect as an optional feature. The blue safety beacon light is standard.

Robot S7 Specifications


Performance Criteria Production Speed:

Up to 30 LPH

Rotation Speed:

Variable from 1-3 miles/hr.

Cycle Expectancy:

200 250 loads / battery charge

Load Handling System Maximum Load Dimensions:

Unlimited L x Unlimited W x 86” or 110” H

Minimum Load Dimensions

24” L x 24” W x 20” H

Maximum Load Weight:


Minimum Load Weight:

200 lbs.


Film Delivery System

  Variable: 0 500%

  Containment Force: Multi Level Variable

  Film Width: 20” or 30”

  Height Sensing: Infrared photocell

  Film threading: Patented S-Pattern

  Corner Compensation: Load Cell

Safety Features

  Pressure sensitive bumper with E-Stop

  LED blue beacon

  UL and CE Compliant Utility Requirements Charging System:

120V, 1Ph, 2.4 AMP, 60 Hz


24V Battery System


1 Year


The control panel with color touch screen allows you to create up to 12 programs (+12 with Multilevel Control) in a simple and intuitive way.




Carriage with powered stretch system controlled by two independent motors. Stretch ratio adjustable from panel board from 0% up to 500%.




Cube Technology allows the best load stabilization with the minimum quantity of film. It delivers the right amount of film at the exactly the right containment force.


·       Reduces product damage by 40%

·       Reduces film cost by 35% to 55%

·       Improves load containment





A technologically advanced monitoring system that combines innovation and connection,

allowing complete control of the operation of the machines and a total support to the final costumer.

·       Max production

·       Predictive maintenance

·       Downtime reduction

·       Plug & play.

·       Industry 4.0




Production Rate

Up to 30 loads per hour, based on 48L”x 40W”x 60H” loads

Cycle Expectancy

Up to 250 loads wrapped

Minimum Load Dimensions

24”Lx 24”W x 20”H, and 200 lbs

Maximum Load Dimension

Unlimited Length and Width, and 86”/110” Height

Maximum Load Weight


Temperature Operating Range

Between 41°F and 104°F. Cold Package option available for temperatures as low as 23°F.


CUBE Technology

Multi-Level Control: pre-stretch and load tensioning control for 9 separate positions of the load

Strategic Film Placement: place film on 9 different positions where it has the most impact on load stability and containment

Reactive Corner Compensation: latest in motor and load cell technologies to wrap any load securely without corner damage


Remote Machine Monitoring and Film Consumption Tracking. Eliminate Downtime by Troubleshooting your Machines.      Programmed Diagnostic: 24 hours a day, 7 days a Week.


Variable 0% to 500%

Load Height Sensing

Automatic Height Detection via Infrared Photocell for Light/Dark Loads


Automatic Film-Cut Off

Automatically cuts film at end of wrap cycle


24V Battery pack (2x12V Lead Acid)

Standard onboard 110V battery charger

Battery Charging Time

6-8 hours for a complete charge


Effective Load Wrap Height

86”/110” (standard)


Control Panel

7” Touch Screen Control Panel, with CUBE Technology

Wrapping Menus

12 Independent Programmable Menus


Emergency Stop on Control Panel

Film Carriage Speed and Positioning

Control on 9 Positions, with Manual Up/Down Jog Capability

Wrap Counters

Top/Bottom separately, and Reinforcement Wraps

Robot Speed

Variable from 1 to 3 mph


Machine Warranty

1 year

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