DuraVane Carbon Vanes DTLF VTLF 250/360/2.200/2.250, 90136701005 - Pack of 5

SKU CF90136701005DV

DuraVane Aftermarket OEM Replacement Vanes for Becker Pump Models TLF250SK and non-SK.

Set of five (5) high-quality long-lasting vanes used for dry-running vacuum pumps and compressors. Replaces 90136701005 Becker vane set. They are a small, but essential component of your vacuum pump that are subject to wear and should be checked every 3000 pump hours (4 months) and replaced every 8000 pump hours (10 months).

High Quality Durable Replacement Carbon Pump Vane Compatible with: Becker DTLF 250, DTLF 360, DVTLF 360, VTLF 250, VTLF 360, DTLF 2.250, DVTLF 2.250, VTLF 2.250, DTLF 2.200, VTLF 2.200

Reference Part Numbers: 90136701005, 90136701005 DV, 90136701005DV, WN124-196


  • Length: 14" (355mm)
  • Width: 0.2" (5mm)
  • Height: 2.6" (65mm)


  • Aftermarket OEM: Sold by the thousands every year for many years with many loyal customers using Becker vacuum pumps. You can trust the quality and precision of these vanes to meet industry standards.

  • Perfect Fit: Designed specifically for Becker vacuum pumps, these carbon vanes ensure a seamless fit and easy installation.

  • Enhanced Performance: Engineered for exceptional performance, providing consistent vacuum levels critical for your applications.

  • Longevity: These vanes are built to last, with high-quality carbon materials that offer superior wear resistance and reduce the frequency of replacement.



  • Check Vanes for minimum width.
  • Inspect vanes for improper wear (cupping or uneven wear).
  • Some cupping of the flat surface of the vane is normal. If cupping exceeds 25% of the original thickness, replace the vanes. Make sure to replace the vanes so the beveled edge rides smoothly against the cylinder wall. If the vanes are installed backwards the vane only contacts the cylinder wall at one point.
  • Check and clean the end shield for heat damage or scoring. If any exists, contact your factory representative. Wipe grease off rotor shaft before reinstalling the end shield. Inspect Teflon tube seals in end shield. If the hollow center shows through, replace them.



Vane life depends mostly on two factors: temperature and vacuum level. Run the pump as cool as possible by installing the pumps in an ambient environment that has adequate air flow and a max temperature of 100°F. Also, keep dirt and debris off the pump and motor using compressed air every 2000 hours when performing other maintenance procedures. Starting and stopping should be done as few times per day as possible (no more than twice per day). Run the pump at the lowest acceptable vacuum level.


Vane Replacement PDF



- Disengage the M6x55 screws and remove air guide cover ring. Pos. 5.

- Remove the lubrication line POS. 228.

- Disengage the 8 M8x25 screws.

- Screw in 2 of the M8x25 screws in the threaded holes inside the lid Pos. 111.

- Tighten both screws equally to disengage the lid. Then remove rotary vanes.

- Insert the vanes into the grooves of the rotor.

- Insert the vanes so the chamfer is aligned. 

- Push the lid Pos. 111 on the rotor and fasten it with the 8 M8x25 screws.

- Make sure the pins are seated within the housing and are flush with the end shield face before tightening the M8x25 screws.

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