Festool 204083 CT Cyclone Dust Collection Pre-Separator CT-VA 20 - Lead times vary- Please call

by Festool
SKU 204083
  • Compatible with Festool dust extractor models CT 26, CT 36, CT 36 AutoClean (AC), CT 48, as well as discontinued models CT 22 and CT 33.
  • When used with a HEPA-certified CT Dust Extractor, the CT CYCLONE is in full compliance with OSHA’s Table 1 rule for silica dust.
  • By removing larger dust and debris before it fills your filter bag, the CT CYCLONE reduces how often you need to replace filter bags and filters — saving you both time and money.
  • Engineered with a unique flat cyclone design to minimize necessary space, the CT CYCLONE fits securely within the Festool SYSTAINER modular storage system — allowing for easy storage and transportation.
  • Tool-free design allows for working flexibly in every application with and without CT CYCLONE pre-separator
  • Reduced necessary dust bags by handling high volumes of dust and debris with cyclone technology
  • Maintains consistently high suction power as a result of reducing the dust load on the main filter
  • Easy to transport thanks to a stackable collection container with compact dimensions and a sturdy design
  • OSHA Table 1 Compliant for crystalline silica dust

The Festool CT pre-separator with cyclone technology separates and collects coarse and fine dust before it reaches the mobile dust extractor. The dust heavy air that is drawn in is swirled into a spiral movement in the cyclone, causing the dust particles to hit against the wall of the cyclone and, due to the gravitational force, to fall into the collection container of the CT pre-separator.

For craftsmen who work with large volumes of dust and debris, the CT CYCLONE pre-separator is the simplest answer for increasing the efficiency of your CT Dust Extractor and minimizing its lifetime cost of ownership — all within a compact solution that fits seamlessly into the Festool mobility system. Compliant with OSHA’s Table 1 when used with a HEPA-certified CT Dust Extractor, the CT CYCLONE is an anti-static three-step filtration system that separates and collects large debris and coarse dust before it reaches the mobile dust extractor — decreasing the number of filters and dust bags that you’ll need to purchase to keep your CT running smoothly. Additionally, the CT CYCLONE reduces the overall dust load on the main filter and ensures consistently high suction power throughout the work process. Compatible with all CT Dust Extractors, it is a highly portable and compact cyclone solution that can be easily transported to wherever your work takes you.

Compatible with other Festool CT accessories including the boom arm, CT handle and WCR work center.

Antistatic function

Mobile dust extractors and tools with the antistatic function to prevent static charge from accumulating when working.

  • (1) Cyclone Systainer
  • (1) VAB-20 collection container bin
  • (1) Connecting hose
  • (1) Disposal bag
  • (1) Container lid


When selecting a dust separate for your Festool dust extractor, here are some ways that the Festool CT Cyclone excels when compared to the Oneida Ultimate Dust Deputy.

  • Clear container provides visbility to remaining capacity
  • Complete end-to-end anti-static design
  • Modular design to connect to your Festool dust extractor's top (Sys-Dock) or to other Festool Classic or T-LOC Systainers
  • Containers can be swapped easily and have a lid to prevent spillage
  • Can be used with or without a container or liner for easy disposal
  • With the container removed, the form factor is very compact at only 12.5" tall. With the container, it is 20" tall. Compared to the Dust Deputy which is 30.5" tall.
  • Compatible with all Festool CT accessories including the CT handle, boom arm and WCR workcenter
  • Robust design for long service life
  • No assembly required, the Ultimate Dust Deputy requires assembly
  • Guaranteed not void your Festool warranty
Length 15-5/8"
Width 11-1/2"
Height w/ Container 20"
Height w/o Container 12.5"
Maximum Capacity 5.3 gallons
Weight 15.4 lbs.

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