Instrument Variable Speed Air Compressor System RK-5VSD-175


Description: 17cfm at 175psi with -20° dew point, Low Start-up Draw Eliminates, Costly Start Capacitors, Ideal for Remote Applications, Robust Construction, Very Low Maintenance

A Turn-Key, Single-Phase, Robust Tank-Mounted System Designed and Packaged Specifically For Gas & Oil Field Applications

PneuTech offers this unique single-phase, highly efficient, rotary screw compressor to the Gas & Oil industry. When your operation converts from pneumatic control systems actuated by natural gas to compressed instrument air systems, it is the source of substantial cost savings. ROI is quick, usually within one year and this conversion is the single most significant source of methane emission reduction that can be implemented.

Brochure for Instrument Air Compressor System RK-5VSD-175

Convert Gas Pneumatic Controls to Instrument Air Guide and Additional Information

  • Substantially reduces emissions of methane and increases revenue.
  • Offers potential savings and increases operational efficiencies through the extension of the life cycle of system equipment. When controlled by natural gas, a system can accumulate sulfur and various acid gases – thus causing damage to valves and internal components.
  • The remote location and facilities of most gas and oil operations are on the edge of the power grid and often do not have a reliable, three-phase power supply. The Instrument Air Compressor from PneuTech solves that problem with a low amp start-up that only relies on single-phase power.
  • The Instrument Air System utilizes the existing infrastructure. Existing piping is used and no other system changes are required.
  • Compressed air for instruments on-site at the well eliminates safety hazards associated with flammable natural gas driving pneumatic devices.


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