Jowat Granular EVA Glue 280.90, Clear Colorless - 44lbs Bag

by Jowat
SKU SPJW28090-0044D

Jowat 280.90 - Granular, Clear, Colorless Adhesive

Jowat 280.90 is a long open time EVA hot melt for edgebanding applications. This clear bulk hot melt is great for bonding HPL/CPL, polyester, resinated paper and veneer. The 280.90 adhesive can be used for straight edges, soft forming and processing centers with BAZ machines. 


  • Hot melt for automatic edgebanding.
  • Suitable for solid wood, veneer, primed thermoplastic (PVC, ABS, PP), and resinated paper edge bands.
  • High viscosity hot melt high heat resistance and good cold flexibility.
  • Excellent color and heat stability in the melt.
  • Also used for soft forming applications.


Technical Data:

Polymer Base: EVA

Processing Temperature: 374 - 410°F (190 - 210°C)

Density: ~1.1 (9.1 lbs./gal.)

Softening Range: ~105°C (221°F) Ring & Ball

Appearance: Clear

Supply Form: Granules

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