SawStop 10" Jobsite Saw

by SawStop

The SawStop Jobsite Saw packs all the safety you've come to expect from SawStop, plus additional innovative features never before seen on a compact, portable table saw. Landing somewhere between a bench-top saw and a contractor's saw in terms of size, the SawStop Jobsite Saw offers numerous benefits of both.

It includes a pedal-actuated folding stand, in transport mode, the stand acts as a dolly with 8'' wheels that allow you to easily move it over rough terrain and up ramps and stairs. The cleverly-designed table extension rides on rails that slide out for a maximum rip cut of 25-1/2'' right of the blade, while the smooth-sliding T-square fence ensures precise cuts and excellent parallelism with the blade. Of course, and perhaps best of all, the SawStop safety brake will stop the blade immediately on contact with skin, a particularly important feature on the job site where less than ideal working conditions can lead to increased risk of accidents.


SawStop Safety Brake:
Brings the blade to a halt almost instantly on contact with skin
One-Turn Blade Elevation:
Other saws require over 25 turns to raise or lower the blade with the Jobsite Saw, it's accomplished with a single turn!
Quick-Tilt Blade Angle:
Tilt the blade quickly and easily to your desired angle in increments
Micro Adjust Blade Angle:
Fine tune your tilt with the infinitely-adjustable micro adjust
T-Style Fence with ErgoLock:
Jobsite T-Glide Fence slides smoothly and locks firm with the innovative ErgoLock. T-style design minimizes deflection to increase accuracy. Extend the OnDemand shelf for support when needed.
Fence Storage Holster:
Side brackets offer convenient storage for the fence and cord
Low-Profile Blade Guard:
The Micro Guard increases visibility and protects against kickback with less interference than other guards. Quickly switch between the Micro Guard and the provided riving knife with the flip of a lever
Pedal-Activated Folding Stand:
Simply push the pedal to release and fold the cart for travel
Large Wheels: 8'' wheels are ideal for the varied terrain of most jobsites
Control Box:
Features the largest Start/Stop paddle in the category and lights to communicate system status. Use the control box to bypass the safety system to test for and/or cut conductive materials
Tool-Free Zero-Clearance Insert:
Quickly releases with no need for tools.
Accessory Storage Drawer:
Keep your accessories, your micro guard, riving knife, miter gauge and more protected and ready at hand with the onboard storage drawer
Table Extension Clamp:
Locks and unlocks easily, allowing you to quickly extend the table to a full 25-1/2'' rip capacity!


    (1) Collapsible Rolling Cart
    (1) Miter Gauge
    (1) JSS Micro Blade Guard
    (1) Riving Knife
    (2) Blade Wrenches
    (1) Push Stick
    (1) 10% Blade
    (1) Standard Brake Cartridge
    (1) Users Guide
    (1) Assembly Instructions Poster
    (1) Hardware Pack
    (1) 3mm Hex Key
    (1) 4mm Hex Key
    (1) 5mm Hex Key

    Technical Data

    Motor Configuration 120 VAC 60 Hz, Univ.
    Amperage 15A
    No Load RPM 4,000
    Cord Length 116 in
    Saw Dimensions 15-1/2" H x 31-3/4" W x 28-3/4" D
    Saw Dim. w Cart (folded, On End) 45" H x 26-1/4" W x 28-3/4" D
    Saw Dimensions w Cart (unfolded) 36" H x 48" W x 28-3/4" D
    Table Dimensions (retracted) 31-1/4" W x 22-5/8" D
    Weight (saw only) 79 lbs
    Weight (with cart) 108 lbs
    Shipping weight (with cart) 130 lbs
    Blade Diameter 10"
    Dado Diameter 8"
    Dado max. width 13/16"
    Bevel Angle Range -1 to 46
    Blade Tilt Left
    Max. depth of cut, blade at 0º 3-1/8"
    Max. depth of cut, blade at 45º 2-1/8"
    Max. rip right of blade (extended) 25-1/2"
    Max. rip left of blade 9-3/4"
    Arbor diameter at blade 5/8"
    Main bearing size 62mm OD x 30mm ID x 16mm W
    Second bearing size 52mm OD x 25mm ID x 15mm W
    Table in front of blade (max elev) 6"
    Table behind blade (max elev) 7-3/8"
    Miter Slots T-shaped dimensions .754" W x .413" D; "T" .956" W x .157" THK
    Dust collection port diameter 2-1/2" Outside/ 2-1/4" Inside
    Riving knife/splitter thickness 2.3mm (.090")
    Blade guard Polycarbonate
    Hand wheel Effective diameter Ø6.3"
    Belts Poly-V static dissipative belt { background-color: #D3D3D3; }