Lamello Cabineo 8 M6 Insert Brass Nuts

by Lamello
SKU CL186370

Threaded Insert Nuts for Cabineo 8 M6 Connectors, includes (1) Cabineo Installation Tool. 

  • Use the M6 x 12.3 size for material thicknesses of 14 - 16mm or butt/square joints applications.
  • Use the M6 x 15.3 size for thicker materials of 17 - 25mm or shared panel applications.

Lamello Cabineo 8 M6 Insert Brochure

Cabineo 8 M6 is a one-piece cabinet connector which can be used with all CNC machines because only surface machining is required. The connector is ideal when joining wood composites with materials such as aluminum, steel or compact laminate.
After installing the connector in the board, the pre-assembled metric screw is screwed into a threaded hole or a socket, using a cordless drill. Cabineo impresses with its time-saving processing and assembly as well as the high clamping force which leads to stable connections without the need for additional dowels.

The Cabineo insert M6 is a threaded insert to drive in, which can be used in combination with the Cabineo 8 M6. It is ideal for applications where the thread cannot be cut directly into the workpiece or to increase the strength in corner and dividing panel joints. The Cabineo insert M6 is hammered into the through-hole of the middle panel so that the Cabineo can reach into the insert from both sides. The same connector and insert can be used everywhere for corner and dividing panels.

Technical Data


12.3 x 9.3 x 9.3mm

15.3 x 9.3 x 9.3mm

Thread: M6

Drill Hole: Ø 8mm

Material: Brass

Installation Tolerance: Longitudinal ± 0.1mm

Machined Materials: Chipboard, Plywood, MDF, Multiplex, Softwood, Hardwood etc.

Cabinets, interiors, exhibitions, store fixtures, recreational vehicles


Installed and free-standing wardrobes, kitchen units, libraries, bookshelves, display units, toilet units etc.


Corner joints between bottom or top shelves and the side panel, or joints between shelves and a separating panel


Wear-resistant cabinet connector for various materials and increased strength


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