Lamello Cabineo 8/12 Starter Set, 186305

by Lamello
SKU CL186305

Cabineo is a one-piece cabinet connector which can be used with all CNC machines because only surface machining is required. The Cabineo is installed in the board either in the workshop or on site. The pre-assembled screw in the connector is screwed into the 5mm hole of the second workpiece using a cordless drill. Cabineo impresses with its time-saving processing and assembly as well as the high clamping force which leads to stable connections without the need for additional dowels.

Cabineo is an outstanding solution for cabinet shops and manufacturers using CNC routers. The Cabineo connectors are simply tapped into the routed pocket and join cabinet components together by screwing into a mating 5mm shelf pin hole with nearly 200 pounds of clamping force.

Only one tool change is needed from a 5mm to a 15mm drill. Or, rout the profiled shape using a standard CNC spiral bit with no tool change at all!  Cabineo may be covered with aesthetic cover caps, or parts may be inverted to allow for a completely invisible application. Because there is no pin or stud required with Cabineo, all components can be transferred to the jobsite as a true flat-pack solution. 

All you need is a cordless drill to install Cabineo. Because the elements are already factory-installed, you won't need to handle loose fittings supplied in a bag during installation. No preassembly of screws or dowels in side panels is necessary, making Cabineo a true time-saving solution.


  • Process optimization due to clean surface machine - no horizontal boring required
  • Reduced height of 10mm for panel thicknesses of 12 mm or more
  • Only one tool change from 5mm to 15mm drill; no tool change for the dowel hole drill necessary
  • One-piece connector without dowel - no need for preassembly of screws or dowels in side sections
  • Flat-pack delivery with preassembled connectors
  • Possible disassembly for transportation or if the fixed shelves need to be adjusted
  • Possibility of retro connector fixed shelves or vertical partitions in a cabinet that has already been installed


  • Cabineo 8 (40 pieces)
  • Cabineo 12 (40 pieces)
  • Cover Caps (40 pieces)
  • (1) Cabino SW4 Hexagon Bit with Ball Head, 120mm length
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