Lamello Clamex S-20 Connector

by Lamello
SKU CL145243

Clamex S-20 is a detachable connector for the Lamello system for material thicknesses from 16mm and is fastened in the groove with screws. The symmetric 4mm grooves can be created with any biscuit joiner. Clamex S-20 is connected to the counterpart with a lever and has a lateral installation tolerance. It requires no adhesive, enables aesthetic connections at all angles and is ideal for fixed or detachable connections.

A detachable connector is designed for a 4mm biscuit groove and securely fits into your woodworking pieces, using the provided screws. Through the minimalist 6mm access hole, Clamex S-20 is firmly connected and disconnected using a lever. It enables aesthetic joints at various angles, making it perfect for both permanently joined and detachable mitres.

The Clamex S-20 clamping connectors are engineered with versatility in mind. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including residential and commercial furniture, interior fittings, exhibition stands, and more. The connectors can be used with both solid wood and panel materials, offering flexibility and convenience for your woodworking projects.

Material range: Particle board, MDF, plywood, solid wood, compact laminate, etc.

Clamex S-20 Features

  • Detachable connector for mitres from 30-180° and for butt-joints 
  • Use with mitre joints from 14mm and butt joints from 16mm
  • Installation with any biscuit joiner
  • Narrow Connector allows installation into the edge of thin materials from 8mm

Clamex S-20 Applications

  • Furniture construction/interior fitting: Wardrobes installed in sloping roofs, cabinets, roof linings, restorations, prototype construction, cabinet manufacturing, sideboards, thin surface connections, shelves and much more.
  • Furniture joints: Corner connections, surface connections, frame connections and various angles


  • Cutter: Ø 100 × 4 × 22mm (Comes standard with Classic X or Top 21)
  • For Zeta, order 4mm thickness cutter #132000.

Technical Specifications

Size (mm): 59 × 12 × 3.9 mm

Cutter: Ø 100 × 4 × 22 mm

Material connector: Fiberglass reinforced plastic

Material lever: Zinc die cast

Installation tolerance: Long. ± 1 mm/radial ± 0 mm

Tensile strength (N):
MDF: 620 N
Particle board: 490 N
Beech: 620 N

Lamello Clamex S-20 - Detachable furniture connector for the 4mm groove Video

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