Lamello CNC 5 Axis Shaft Tool Cutter, 131342

by Lamello
SKU CL131342

P-System CNC shaft tool cutter, solid carbide, shaft Ø 12x40, L=80mm

The Lamello P-System CNC shaft tool is a solid carbide cutter, specifically designed to make special profile cuts into the edge and surface of the material, with (3,4 and 5 axis) or on mitre cuts (5 axis), allowing for the installation of a selection of P-System connectors on a range of CNC woodworking machinery.

The shaft tool is designed to be used with a CNC router machine only, which creates the special profile cut into the material.

The P-System solid carbide cutting tool is used for angles of up to 30 degrees, without deflecting when it hits the workpiece surface. The P-System connectors enable a powerful installation in the workpiece within seconds.

Type: Tool Cutter

Diameter: 12mm x 40mm

Length: 80mm

Note: Recommended that the shaft tool cutter should only be used as a secondary option, where the CNC diamond groove cutter and arbor (if required) cannot be used due to the aggregate bottoming out. Using the CNC diamond groove cutter, where primarily possible, will increase speed, service life and efficiency.

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